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Personal Training Sydney

Exercise Physiology & Personal Training in Sydney, Sans Souci.

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Do not worry about what to do next, let us guide you with your injury and performance concerns.

Personal Training Sydney - Sans Souci

Sick of back pain ?

Download our free guide, showing you how to manage back pain and overcome it.

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Do you feel like....

  • Injuries are impeding your progression

  • You’re losing momentum with your training 

  • Your pain is a constant reminder of your physical limitations 

  • The programs you’ve tried in the past haven’t been customized to your needs

Or maybe you are an aspiring athlete who....

  • Loses to your competitors because your fitness isn’t up to scratch

  • Doesn’t have a clear plan to improve performance with strength & conditioning

  • Is sick of generic fitness programs that aren’t tailored to your sport

Our Approach


Tailored Programs designed for you.


Ongoing Support every step of the way.


Methodical progression plan to your goal.


User - friendly app, keeping all your progress in one place.


Exercise Physiologist doing the thinking for you.

Face to Face Coaching


A premium coaching experience with our exercise physiologist.  Providing you the accountability, expert guidance, and structure.  For those who need support in managing their injuries or improving their body composition. 


Have a professional do the thinking for you, so you can focus on you. We take the guesswork out of your sport performance or fitness journey, providing you with personalized structure so you are never left guessing what to do next.

Online Coaching

Athlete Development Program


If you are an athlete, this is for you.  Utilizing state-of-the-art sports science and technology to help take your performance to the next level. We use research and our own data to tailor your strength and conditioning program, ensuring you have a methodical and structured approach to your training.


Personal Training Sydney - Sans Souci



“I have been strength training for over 10 years and found myself not reaching my goals. Michael was extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field of exercise physiology. I was able to reach beyond my strengthening goals at such a quick pace. Thank you so much to Michael who has kept me strong and feeling buff at the gym!! He was able to modify exercises specific for my injuries and also get me training pain free!"

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